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Pursuit of balance

I think most people will agree all we seek in life is balance and the ability to shift ideas from the imagination to reality. From a young age I listened to songs in a way that very few people I knew were able to, learning a new song required some kind of effort but it seems easier for me then others. As I grew up I understood that when people refer to a musical talent they rarely see the enormous amount of time, money and effort spent to achieve your “talent”. Having the gift is not enough. I’ve come a long way since the age of 5 when I discovered the YAMAHA DSR-1000, and with each time leap I feel closer to having a balanced life. I knew I wanted an Electric Guitar at the age of 17, and against all recommendations I bought one straight away and it made my life instantly better. Being a guitarist is easy and hard (might continue on this subject on a different post) but being a great guitarist means commitment and outstanding effort which I understood quickly after buying my first guitar. Also, that money well spend will decide your life track. If I hadn’t decided to buy a great guitar I wouldn’t enjoy as much as I did and might have stopped eventually After a satisfactory time amount of studying, practicing, performing, jamming and producing music, I found myself owning a home studio with high-end software and great hardware. For me, producing music is a way of life. For your music, a choice of one studio from a market flooded. I offer you this for any production work I take : * Balance - The right amount of everything. * Effort - The perfect timbre for the cause. * Commitment - Best results on schedule. * Worth - No compromises on quality. We produce boutique custom made music which is always feeling aware, on each track we vouch to let the listener take a journey.

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