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My musical road

I'm Itai Geffen.

I was always a musical guy, since the age of 6 when I started playing an organ. Studying was hard for me then and I stopped, it took me a decade but at the age of 16 I was at an Alanis Morissette concert and she blew my mind along with her screaming guitars.

Exactly a year later, I bought my first electric guitar. I was practicing a lot to get better fast... I felt sad for never getting any proper musical education so I enrolled to Rimon School of Jazz and contemporary music and studied for a year at 2008. I studied a full 1st year with guitar as primary instrument (Traditional harmonics, Contrapunct, Improvisation, Composition, Playing guitar, Reading scores and solfege).

Due to money problems I switched to a Hi-Tech career path. After getting proper education in Ben-Gurion Communication Engineer School I got a decent job which I could afford doing music without any worries.

In 2017, I enrolled to BPM College, I studied Synthesis, Film Scoring and Sound for a few months and understood my destiny. Making music that lasts and connects to events and emotions.

Welcome to my site, feel free to contact me at:

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