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Mixing methodologies in the studio

Hi all,

I got tracks for a new song from Jonathan Bossik.

This post will give you some insight about how I mix.

You could try it yourself!

You can hear the mixed track before and after in the end of this post.

So, Basic stuff...

First, I treat each track with an EQ and try to imagine where it will go in the final mix.

I then unify groups of tracks, meaning route each track to a group and route each group to its higher groups (e.g. drums, bass, guitars.) and finally all groups and FX channels goes to a Master group channel which is routed to the Stereo out channel.

Usually on drums I use a light maximizer to hear them, if they sound dull I add some tracks to get them better.

Bass Drum

The bass drum sounded weak, so I layered it with a low sine wave synth.

I added a sine synth with the base frequency of the song and inserted waves C1 gate with a side-chain, I sent the bass drum to the side chained gate just enough for the gate to be open when the bass drum is struck.


Snares are needed to cut through the mix, after cleanup I open another EQ at the end and make sure it is cutting the mix. This song required lots of reverbs since it is a rock ballad. So, I opened a Drum FX Channel and sent some of it there.

Note: Reverb change should be done with the full mix.

Also, compressed a bit, be gentle with it, you don't want to squash its sound.


EQ, and medium compression by Pro-C.


The guitars were recorded using direct input, it was easily noticed and I had to add Guitar Amp emulators and use EQs to amplify their good characteristics.

On the Solo Guitar - inserted Guitar Rig.

On the OD Guitar - inserted Guitar Amp - Drive.

On the Acoustic Guitar - inserted Guitar Amp - Clean.

I treated the OD and acoustic guitars to be used as a wall of sound, put some reverb on them and balanced with the piano.


small EQ and Fader control.


EQ to clear up all nice tones. Sent to Vocal FX reverb.

Fun stuff

After all tracks and groups are basically treated, we have a nice picture for the mix.

Make sure each group channel is properly balanced with its tracks, put some bus compression if the group contains tracks that need to work together as a whole.

The next stage requires some experience and don't stop trying - volume matching. Lower all of the group's levels to zero and start to raise them in the order loudest first to a peak of -6db.

Listen to the song and try to spot problematic parts with volumes and see if everything is heard as you wished.

Try to set up a reference track and learn the things you like on each channel.

Geffen studios will be glad to mix anything you need.

Have a great week.


No-mixed version:

Mixed version:

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