Mecha Mecha Indie game

A fun indie game done in 48 hours during global game jam 2020.

Play it on (need 2 controllers):

Defying Gravity

A piece we mocked-up from the Broadway musical Wicked.

Vegan Shmegan

"What do vegans have to eat?" is a short video clip made in Kino-TLV 2019 movie festival by Rima Shnayderman in the style of a musical.


A Short movie about relationships Director And Script Writer: Yael Bibelnik
Actors: Yasmin Lavie & Or Asher Mallul
Camera: Zoe Eva Karbe
Editor: Lihi Dinai
Composer: Geffen Studios

Bereshit spaceship official single

Bereshit official song by Davidson institute (part of Weizmann institute), the 1st Israeli spaceship sent to the moon.

Credits in link

Music for theatre

A part of a journey ends and an individual is learning to overcome everything with inner strength.

Generic Trailer

Just another epic trailer

Global Game Jam 2019

In this GGJ event, I created a video as well as a game hoping it would of some use to you. In that video I share my unique experience as a composer in the event. The sharing is in Hebrew, so please excuse me - none Hebrew speakers.

Indie Game Jam - Child and Father

A game done in Universe Game Jam 2018, it is for 2 players, one controls the father and the other controls the child. The child is messing the house and the father is running around cleaning whatever the child is messing.
A nice causal game, the music and SFX were produced in-house.

Superheroes Fight

See Deadpool fight cyclops, who wins ?
We composed the music, recorded Voice-overs and SFX.

Showreel OST

Matan Cooper, a promising animator, created this showreel.
We designed SFX and scored an original soundtrack.

Tank - Single Production

Production of Itai Geffen's song, written in a trip to New Zealand and is about Tank - Juice makers.

Mockup Production

This is a replica of the original season 5 theme song of Game Of Thrones.

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