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Mecha Mecha 2020-02-05 201802.png

Mecha Mecha Indie game

A fun indie game done in 48 hours during global game jam 2020.

Play it on (need 2 controllers):


Defying Gravity

A piece we mocked-up from the Broadway musical Wicked.

Vegan Shmegan.JPG

Vegan Shmegan

"What do vegans have to eat?" is a short video clip made in Kino-TLV 2019 movie festival by Rima Shnayderman in the style of a musical.

Yael Bibelnik - Stations.JPG


A Short movie about relationships Director And Script Writer: Yael Bibelnik
Actors: Yasmin Lavie & Or Asher Mallul
Camera: Zoe Eva Karbe
Editor: Lihi Dinai
Composer: Geffen Studios

Bereshit 1st.jpg

Bereshit spaceship official single

Bereshit official song by Davidson institute (part of Weizmann institute), the 1st Israeli spaceship sent to the moon.

Credits in link

Light headed.jpg

Music for theatre

A part of a journey ends and an individual is learning to overcome everything with inner strength.

Misty Woodland

Generic Trailer

Just another epic trailer

GGJ 2019 youtube video.JPG

Global Game Jam 2019

In this GGJ event, I created a video as well as a game hoping it would of some use to you. In that video I share my unique experience as a composer in the event. The sharing is in Hebrew, so please excuse me - none Hebrew speakers.

child molestor.PNG

Indie Game Jam - Child and Father

A game done in Universe Game Jam 2018, it is for 2 players, one controls the father and the other controls the child. The child is messing the house and the father is running around cleaning whatever the child is messing.
A nice causal game, the music and SFX were produced in-house.

Matan Cooper - Superheroes.png

Superheroes Fight

See Deadpool fight cyclops, who wins ?
We composed the music, recorded Voice-overs and SFX.

Matan Cooper - Showreel.png

Showreel OST

Matan Cooper, a promising animator, created this showreel.
We designed SFX and scored an original soundtrack.


Tank - Single Production

Production of Itai Geffen's song, written in a trip to New Zealand and is about Tank - Juice makers.


Mockup Production

This is a replica of the original season 5 theme song of Game Of Thrones.

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